Sustainable Development & Solutions

"We believe in providing customers with a right-fit solution for their needs, keeping an eye on the future without losing sight of the present. We empower our customer's missions through development practices that enable scalability and future growth while understanding that a successful solution doesn't end at the go-live date."

Jason C. Gray, Co-Founder and Chief Technologist

Complex Analysis & Thought Leadership

"With ever-increasing network complexities and threat actor sophistication, the vulnerabilities of critical network infrastructure and host systems are potentially greater than ever before. The ability of targeted organizations and government entities to defend their network perimeters utilizing traditional threat detection systems provides only a limited set of tools that are traditionally based on simple statistical tests of network activities and known threat signatures....sensitive information and critical resource applications can potentially be highly vulnerable to novel sophisticated and evolving network intrusion types, potentially putting commercial and public sector resources and information in mounting jeopardy."

Thomas A. Woolman, Chief Data Scientist



Agile DevSecOps

How does the Agile methodology blend with DevSecOps framework and what does it mean to your Organization? It is all a matter of understanding the end-to-end goal of each invested party and determining where the Security or Deployment Process pain points are. From there a customized solution can be developed to address immediate needs, with the ability to scale up to a full solution.

Fountain Global...

  • Continuously aligns development with evolving customer needs through automated integration, deployment and testing.
  • Promotes teamwork, self-organization and accountability while combining Software Development (Dev) with Security best practices (Sec) and an understanding of the Deployment/Operations (Ops) tail.

Data Science & Analytics

Data Science is the great equalizer allowing organizations of all sizes the ability to improve their decision-making processes and achieve greatness. All public, private and governmental organizations have been collecting more of their own data and when combined with the vast trove of disparate datasets available on the web Data Science enables them to make better decisions, faster. Fountain Global leverages its expertise daily in advanced Data Science to increase the speed and accuracy of analysis for critical intelligence objectives. Fountain Global has direct experience with the various Big Data, Data Mining and Machine Learning models solutions offered by every public cloud service provider and can turn them into actionable intelligence.

Fountain Global...

  • Makes use of both out-of-the-box Data Science offerings from major cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google) and custom AI/ML solutions.
  • Develops Machine Learning models to improve real-time decisions.

Cloud & Hybrid Strategies

Organizations weren’t started yesterday, and neither was their infrastructure. The efficiencies gained by migrating to the cloud are known and understood, but not every organization has had the ability to start or finish their cloud migration. Fountain Global works with each organization to understand their current architecture and plan a customized migration that makes use of cloud-based, on-prem or hybrid resources to ensure your organizations workflow and mission proceed uninterrupted.

Fountain Global...

  • Supports Organizational flexibility and scalability through automation.
  • Through experience, understands Hybrid cloud architectures that make use of on-prem and/or multiple cloud solutions.

IT Architecture & Engineering

Business focused IT Architecture developed for each Organization. To do this the right people need to be empowered. Existing IT that supports these processes can become entangled and as legacy systems integrate with newer applications and technologies the original architecture blueprint will fall apart.

Fountain Global...

  • Defines the architecture using language that the business professionals can understand.
  • Removes redundant systems that have evolved over the years and determines whether a COTS or custom solution meets the business needs.


From legacy internally facing systems, to external offerings making use of the latest public cloud services it has become exceedingly clear that organizations of all sizes need to prioritize Cyber security at every stage of IT implementation. Our Cyber team develops a custom solution based on which technologies, policies, controls, and services would best protect data, applications, and infrastructure.

Fountain Global...

  • Develops a custom solution based on which technologies, policies, controls, and services would best protect data, applications, and infrastructure.
  • Integrates custom AI/ML models to existing Cyber data flows to detect intrusions as they happen.

Enterprise Management Solutions

Modern digital transformation involves continual assessment of legacy systems. Adapting to changing business requirements, governance and regulations, and risk parameters requires using data analytics and business intelligence functions.

Fountain Global...

  • Harnesses the power of rapidly generated data in conjunction with tools and systems to improve organizational operations and support intelligent outcomes.
  • Uses experience built on successfully implementing and upgrading ERP systems tying together myriad business processes and enabling data flow to provide seamless operational activity and data integrity.

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